Assisted Living Or In-Home Care?

A Candid Comparison Between In-Home Care Vs Assisted Living

Many people with the elderly among them struggle with this question: in-home care or assisted living? While it might look as if it does not carry any magnitude to many, especially those who haven’t experienced caring for an elderly loved one, it is good to note that it is indeed one of the toughest decisions to come up with. Below, we will critically weigh through questions what may be of help in making the best decision as to whether or not to take your elderly loved one for assisted living or care for them at home.

How Do Decide: In-Home Care Vs. Assisted Living?

As stated earlier, this has been an endless struggle in many families with elderly parents. The struggle emanates from trying to strike a balance between keeping them in the house where they will receive the love of their children and loved ones and going away from home to be with people they do not know at all. Here are a few questions you need to think of before you decide:

a) Do they currently live alone?

b) What are their wishes?

C) Is there someone from your family willing to move in with them?

d) Can you improve the safety of their home?

e) What if the care and supportive service were brought near them? Will there still be a need to consider assisted living?

f) Do they need special medical care?

g) Suppose regular meals were prepared for them?

h) Can they move in with someone and still be comfortable?

The above questions will definitely guide you in making the right decision as to whether it is an assisted living case or in-home care situation.

Which Way Is The Best?

After carefully looking at the questions you may finally decide on one side. Remember too that in many families very few members are working even one job, thus they become caregivers to a bigger number of their family members. So, living at home may not be necessarily be the best option for such. On the other hand, moving in to stay with another person or letting someone come in, can prove to be a challenge. As you decide however, know they too need our love around the clock.