Refrigerator Repair Tips For Senior Living Facilities

If you are a full service assisted living owner or manager, then I am sure you have heard the importance of doing regular maintenance on your restaurant equipment, which will help with minimizing refrigerator repair, extending the life span of your commercial appliances and it will help the unit to run more efficiently. And this applies to all your appliances, whether it is a commercial oven, commercial stove, a walk-in cooler or a commercial freezer.


Now, since we are on the subject of refrigeration equipment, here is something you may not know, if you maintain the gaskets or seals on the doors of your coolers, freezers and fridges, then you can also make the seals and gaskets last longer and as a result you will need to replace them less and this will make your refrigeration appliance run more efficiently.

Inefficiency and repairs can be avoided with some simple maintenance techniques that you and your staff can do on a daily basis. Key word there is daily, you want to inspect your equipment on a daily basis, what you are looking for here is anything that may have spilled on the seals that could eventually dry up and get sticky, as this could damage your gaskets over time. All you need is soap and water to clean them, so no expensive cleaning solution is necessary.


If you notice any mold or mildew on the appliance, use baking soda and water to clean it; do not use bleach as this could damage the gaskets by drying them out. Clean the area with soap and water first and then either use some hydrogen peroxide solution or baking soda, let that solution sit for a few minutes before wiping it off. After a few minutes, just use a soft cloth to remove the baking soda or peroxide, you can use a swab or a toothbrush to get in those hard to reach areas. Finally, rub some vinegar on the gaskets; this will help to prevent the mildew and mold regrowth.

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