Senior Living Checklist

Checklist for Finding Assisted Care

Seniors of today are different from those of yesterday. Today’s senior live full, healthy and active lives. For seniors to maintain a safe and healthy life, they need assisted care so as to help them live their life to the fullest. The senior living communities offer supportive amenities and care is a residential setting that has comfort similar to that of a home. The process of choosing an assisted living home for older people can be daunting.

Here is a checklist for finding assisted care?


Do you like the location and outward appearance of the community?

Do the staff call residents by name and interact with them warmly as you tour the community?

Do the residents appear happy and comfortable in the community?

Are the staff members that you pass during the tour friendly to you?

Physical features

Is the community well designed to meet your needs?

Are shelves and cupboards easy to reach?

Does the community have good artificial and natural lighting?

Is the community clean and free from odors?

Residency, agreement, needs assessment, cost and finance

Is there a disclosure form that discloses supportive services and care, fees as well as move out and in provisions?

What are the transfer and refund policies?

Is the agreement for residency available for review before moving in?

Is a written plan of care for each resident available? How frequent is it updated and reviewed?

Does the community assess the resident’s need and are the needs addressed periodically?

Is there availability of additional services if the resident needs changes?

Medication and health care

Is medication self-administration allowed?

Are there services such as home health care visits from a physical therapist, nurses and occupational therapist?

Does the community have a clearly stipulated procedure for residents’ medical emergency response?

To what extent are subsidiary services such as hospice available and how are they provided? Ask if additional charges are made for these types of services.

Are there specific policies regarding medication storage, supervision and training of staff and keeping of records?

Amenities and services

Is a list of the care services provided available?

Are the care services provided on a 24-hour basis?

Does the community provide assistance with daily living activities such as dressing, mobility, eating, hygiene and grooming?

Are housekeeping services in personal living spaces provided by the community?

Are beautician/barber services available on-site?

Individual apartment features

Are apartments provided by the community double or single occupancy?

Is the 24-hour emergency response system available from the apartments?

Are bathrooms private and designed in a way to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs?

Is personal apartment decoration allowed?

May residents smoke in their apartments or in public places inside the community?

Do all apartments have access to internet, TV or a telephone?