Skills Required To Succeed In The Hotel And Assisted Living Industry

Hospitality and leisure are two sectors that have not been affected by the recession. In an article published by Deloitte, the outlook of leisure and hospitality sector remains positive and has huge potential for growth. The travel and hospitality industry is expected to create more than 80 million jobs in the next decade.

To cash in on this boom, many job seekers are chasing prime jobs in this sector. To stand out of the pack, employees must get the required assisted or hotel training to polish their skills. Prospective employees must do their best to highlight the skills that their employers want to see in their resume. Since there are several similarities between training employees for hotels and assisted living homes, it is important that you master these skills to succeed in this sector.


Connect with People

To succeed in your job, you must make positive connections with guests, clients, and vendors that visit your place of work. After all, both the assisted living and the hotel industry are all about service and comfort. Some important terms that you must know when you work in these industries include:

  • Vendor management
  • Guest relations
  • Relationship building
  • Client management
  • Team leadership


People working in the hotel and assisted living industry must be trained to handle multiple responsibilities. If you are a manager of a hotel, some of your regular tasks will include:

  • Negotiating contracts with your vendors
  • Handling unhappy and dissatisfied guest
  • Filing insurance claims for losses suffered
  • Keeping a smile when you greet your guest

All these tasks must be completed in a few hours. When you work in the hospitality sector, you must know how to handle a varied and fast-paced workload.

Pay Attention to Detail

It is the little things that you do for your guest that makes their experience extraordinary. If you want to create an extraordinary experience, you must make sure the flowers in their room are fresh, the employees who work in the company wear clean uniform, and all their needs are met on time. You must be trained to exceed the expectation of your guest and learn to focus your attention on crucial details of your guest.

Language and Technical Skills

Technical and language are two areas of expertise that make employees stand out in both the resort and assisted living industry. You must learn programs that are commonly used in these sectors. Today, most hotel consultants recommend that employers should look for people who have received special training to run programs used in their industry, such as having specialized training such as:

  • Hotel front desk training
  • Hotel housekeeping training
  • Hotel management training


People, who work in hotel and assisted living industry, have longer or unusual working hours when compared to a basic desk job. If you plan to work in these industries, you must be able to switch gears when an unexpected situation arises.


For a successful career in the hospitality industry, you must leave no stone unturned to ensure that the customers are satisfied. You must take all possible steps to keep your customer happy and to get repeat business. Try to find out the problems or difficulties they are facing, and take steps to ease their discomfort.

Communication Skills

If you aim at reaching the top in hospitality industry, you must have excellent communication skills. You must be able to communicate effectively orally and in writing. When you improve your communication skills, you can get your job done effectively and quickly. Communication is not only important, but also absolutely necessary in a work setting where people must work as a group to achieve the goals. In the hotel industry, you must ensure that every employee works as a team to achieve the objectives of the company, which can be accomplished by regular on going hotel training. As an employee of the company, you must understand these objectives and communicate them effectively to your subordinates.


People who work in the hospitality sector must have strong leadership skills. They must be able to command projects and guide their subordinates to make a significant contribution to the overall success of the organization.

Knowledge of Hygiene and Safety Issues

Employees who are successful in the resort and the senior living industry are aware of safety and hygiene rules. These safety and hygiene rules usually apply to the serving food, rooms, and all other areas where customers spend time.

Final Thoughts

The hospitality sector is witnessing tremendous growth these days. There is a huge demand for people who are qualified to work in this sector. If you learn to master these simple skills, you can easily get a job in the hotel or the elder care industry.